Reproductions, Wedding Apparel, & Timeless Heirlooms and Keepsakes for Generations to Come


Ensembles of the Past - Est. 2010

     Ensembles of the Past is a small, American-made business owned and operated by Sara Gonzalez.  It began out of a need for custom-made historical clothing and costumes in the Southwest Missouri region, and quickly grew to extend beyond those requests!

     Ensembles of the Past currently offers dressmaking and design work for living historians, re-enactors, brides, dance enthusiasts, theaters, and individuals in the Southwest Missouri region, across the country, and around the world. Among all that, Ensembles of the Past specializes in custom-made wedding dresses, flag reproductions from extant originals, and historical clothing and reproductions of all eras. As of 2015, they are now offering a growing selection of fabrics and ready-made keepsakes, and will be introducing other items to the line during the coming years. Sara Gonzalez, owner and head seamstress of Ensembles of the Past, also offers both private and group sewing classes for individuals, in addition to teaching Sewing & Garment Construction and Costume Design at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri.

~Meet the Owner and Proprietress of Ensembles of the Past, Sara Gonzalez~ 

     My sewing career began at the age of twelve, when I ambitiously attempted and completed a 1770’s Colonial dress on my own. I never dreamed I’d one day be making garments of my own design, drawing, drafting, and draping patterns, and creating unique creations inspired by period fashion plates. I’ve come a long way since bashfully wearing my first dress around Colonial Williamsburg that summer. With every spare moment I can find, I enjoy studying everything from sewing magazines to fragile museum pieces. I’ve made everything from bridal gowns and accessories to authentic period day dresses and flag reproductions, spending more time and effort on each one than I often realize. 


     Lastly but foremost, this profile wouldn’t be complete without saying very honestly that I owe my every success to my Creator. He has helped me in outstanding and humbling ways from my very first gown until now. It is because of His guidance and never-ending grace that my original fragile ambition and silly hope has turned into something greater… How amazing it’s been to watch and learn!



Please contact me with questions. I would also be honored if you chose to follow my business, Ensembles of the Past, on facebook – but don’t forget to check back often!

Note: While I strive my upmost to help everyone who comes to me with garment requests, I work on a first-come first-served bases. I also strive to glorify my Heavenly Father with everything I make. Therefore, I reserve the right to direct you to other seamstresses if I cannot help you with your request for any reason. For a full (but brief) explanation of the type of garments I won't consider making, please see my
Modesty Standards .